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Thursday, May 25, 2006

"We call it lies..."

Just came back from seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" or "the Al Gore movie" as we've been referring to it. By the people who should see it most, it will probably get dismissed as just another liberal propaganda film (also saw a trailer for that Nick Cage 9/11 movie... :-/). This is unfortunate because the film and its message have so much more to offer than just politics, whether or not this is really just a (very clever) ploy to get a Gore 2008 campaign going (although at least from this naïve perspective, Gore's efforts seem to be earnest and genuine).

There's plenty of press out already about how Gore's charisma is fantastic and how it would have been great to have seen him display even a fraction of it during the 2000 campaign, but I just wanted to post a few thoughts on it and announce that as of today, the film's out in LA and NYC with more cities on the way. It's well made, entertaining, and pretty moving. Sometimes a little hokey, but it was reasonable enough.

Also, I've been really interested in the negative criticism that the movie has stirred up, especially the Competitive Enterprise Institute's recently aired tv ads. CEI is, conveniently enough, funded in large part by the American Petroleum Institute and Exxon. How is it that "they call it pollution; we call it life" can be an actual slogan?         

And, if you're wondering as I was, G-dub probably won't be seeing the film.

Go see it when you can. If you're in LA, I'll take you!


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