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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As promised, more regular posts!

Today was yet another code-oriented day. Fiddled more with GWT and Google Maps, and an exciting romp with Yahoo's very suave geocoding API. Then fiddled with JiBX, an XML databinding framework that binds XML data to objects in Java. Then got completely frustrated and decided to waste time updating blog in case anobody who used to read it still does.

I'm afraid that I am probably not cut out for professional software development or anything greater than, oh, a prime number searcher. I don't have the patience to use other people's code and figure out what's happened if (or more appropriately, when) something goes wrong. I suppose this is the hard part of programming–working with everyone else's code and making yours and theirs somehow dance together. (And of course there's the do-it-yourself route, which one seems forced to in any Scheme implementation, and in any other programming language is usually largely foolish. Why re-invent the wheel?) Maybe I should learn to have the patience for that sort of stuff because the other part of programming, the abstract part, is fun and exciting and certainly very cool and probably worth the patience. But ugh I hate cryptic compiler error messages.

And now for my usual boring inanity:
Got an e-mail today from Degree Progress today confirming that I will be awarded my degree, hurray. Though probably unfounded in any reasonable interpretation of reality, I had feared all semester that I would not be graduating and would be turned away from Brown and would then live a horrible life as a college drop-out, probably making balloon animals on the Venice boardwalk and eating seals for dinner.

I'm thinking about making plans to go to Germany over Christmas break this year. I have several friends who have been funded to spend a year there (Fulbright and DAAD) starting this fall, and, of course, the Berliners. I've been very nostalgic for Berlin lately and would very much love to be there again. Weihnachtsmärkte and Glühwein! Hrm, I will need to investigate whether a one-month sublet is even possible in Berlin.

Oh, and!: an endorsement for Matt Beckman's photos of his travels in Istanbul because I don't know when I'm ever going there and I cherish the ability to live vicariously. Matty is one of my more adventuresome friends (he was last living in Montana, just for the hell of it) and is one of those Smarty McSmartPants that will be a Fulbright Scholar in Germany this fall.


  • At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Kidd said…

    A one-month sublet is always possible somewhere.


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