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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A quick word on the status of my decision, since I sort of baited everyone with the previous post and then never actually said what the decision was. I've decided on Brown, which I had my concerns about, but which I think I will grow to love. I was a little worried about Providence being not so much a city like NYC or Montreal, but I think having lived in cities all my life, the tranquility will be nice. Besides Polly Jacobson being there, which was my primary motivation for looking at the program in the first place, there were a couple of other factors that made me like Brown: its location on the East Coast and Richard Heck. I have been trying to really dig into Frege since my second semester in Germany, so it will be nice to have someone like Heck around. So yup, Providence in the fall. I'm giddy and excited, but to be honest, I'm mostly just relieved that I don't have to kill myself with anxiety everyday over the decisions. I felt a bit sad declining McGill's offer because I really did find everyone I met very delightful and worry that I missed an opportunity to be exposed to many different flavors of linguistics, but direct compositionality is important to me, even though I've become very interested in PPIs and NPIs lately (the influence of Elena and her seminar), not that I couldn't have had both. The other concern I had was that the courseload was just so heavy at McGill and while I like classes, I have been taking advanced and graduate courses for two years now and think that I would like to have the time to focus on particular issues I am interested in as soon as possible. I actually do hope that I get to see the people I met at McGill again. I'm disappointed that I won't get to work with Chris Barker as I think our interests were very similar, but I think being at Brown will at least give me to opportunity to perhaps interact occasionally with him.

Despite all these feelings, though, I'm thrilled. Brown has been sort of a dream for me ever since I read Polly's VFS paper last year, and it's all still very surreal that I'll be going there now.

Unrelated: I'm going to post soon (hopefully soon) some thoughts I have about even, only, also and exceptives. But oh! Rehearsal time...


  • At 10:20 PM, Blogger Lance said…

    Do pardon an out-of-the-blue comment (came across this on a random websearch), but: congrats on the imminent move to Rhode Island! That can't have been an easy decision--all three of those departments are top-notch. But I certainly endorse Brown; I was there as an undergraduate, and there's no doubt that Polly's great to work with.

    (Now on my List of Things to Do: reading your LING 636 term paper. Exceptives have been an interest for a few years--Gajewski was in my department, after all, and von Fintel was my advisor, so.)

    Good luck next year!


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