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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Inane post while I wait to end my 72+hour day.

The girl who took an appointment for the study today and then failed to show up has caused me much misery. MISERY!

I had lunch and conversation with a couple of people from my phonetics/phonology class and it was nice. I like smart and sassy people who talk about smart things.

Nathan is making me have dinner with him tonight at Versailles...for the third time this week. I should have never told him about it. Fried plantains are tasty but so is variety, which I don't get exposed to as a weenie vegetarian.

I've had two Red Bulls today. Three coffees. Four nights to finish work for Tuesday's presentation.

I like doxastically possible worlds.

Ugh. Nothing but caffeinated beverages are keeping me going right now. And an intense desire to find out exactly what Friederike Moltmann is going to say next.

EDIT She just called. Estimated time of departure just pushed forward by thirty minutes. Waaaaah.


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