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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


...have been made. But it would be too late to go into it all now, so I'll leave off until tomorrow to reveal and dote.

For now, I'd like to bitch and moan a bit about the library services at USC. I have been trying to track down the holy trio of papers on exceptives: Moltmann, von Fintel, Gajewski. Certainly, I am understanding that the Gajewski is hard to get ahold of, it being a dissertation and whatnot. But the other two are published in well-known and widely-circulated journals. It is annoying enough that for whatever reason a copy of each of the articles run $30 a pop. And I had just about gotten mildly excited to go to Doheny and make copies from the paper journals myself...EXCEPT: Doheny has all but two volumes of NLS...and guess which two? Oh, could it be 1 and 2??? Ok, but surely USC has a recent enough collection of L&P volumes. This I wasn't able to find out because L&P is locked away in the Hoose Philosophy Library which closes at 5 pm Mondays through Fridays (and which appropriately closes for good on the weekends; can't have kids actually pursuing knowledge on the weekends! then who will go to the football games and get plastered?). (Oh, related annoying fact: Doheny, which houses the majority of USC's books and journals, closes at 5 pm on Fridays.) Doesn't anybody think that perhaps some students have work + class schedules that keep them occupied 8 am - 7 pm Mondays through (yes) Saturdays? Is it so unreasonable to think that my one and only joy after a long week might be to comfort of being able to read?

Here endeth the bitching and moaning, which I was told not to do since it is useless to focus on silly things that will soon not matter.

For all I dislike about USC, I should also mention, the faculty in the Linguistics department have been amazing and have made days like today (and many even worse) surprisingly tolerable. As the number of days to graduation grow shorter, my excitement to leave a place where I have found few intellectual compatriots grows greater, but so too does the feeling that I will very much miss the few people that made these four years worth remembering.


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