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Friday, April 07, 2006

As promised!

If you've been waiting by the seat of your pants (is that the phrase? I'm no good with those) for the promised upload of the Hawkins talk, aren't you pleased that you regularly look at this blog? I tried to host it on USC space myself, but that I'm hosting too much as it is there. It's probably a better idea to have it the Internet Archive store it.

The audio isn't terribly great; I was using the Griffin iTalk microphone on my iPod and sitting to the left, so it's fairly echo-y. Also, it didn't occur to me to do this until after Elaine Andersen presented the speaker, so you miss out on her introducing. But that's ok. I heard that she had someone videotape the whole talk as well, so if you really really want to have the full experience, email her and get the goods.

For now, here's Jack Hawkins' talk from yesterday: Building Bridges in the Language Sciences. (Sorry the URL is so long...I got very confused at some of the things Archive asked me about.)

OH! One last thing: the file format, as you may soon find out, is WAVE. If that's in any way offensive to you, comment your preference and I'll get on top of that.


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